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  • No hidden costs
  • New Jersey state and international movers

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Why Choose NJ Prosafe as your Jersey City Movers

Why People Choose NJ Prosafe Movers Over All Other Moving Companies NJ?

It's not a secret that there are many companies offering moving services in New Jersey. When you look for movers NJ, they may all tend to appear the same. They all have the same goal, to move your residence in a quick and efficient manner for a fee.

But you might be wondering: what is so special about us that distinguishes NJ Prosafe Movers from other relocation services out there?

When you look for movers, they may all tend to appear the same. Movers all have the same goal, to move your residence in a quick and efficient manner for a fee. Some movers will cut corners in their packaging to save money on your quote, but these cuts may end up causing damage to your items. Other moving companies will hire cut-rate movers with very little experience or skills to save money. Our company chooses to use quality packing products and quality moving associates that will get the job done quickly and efficiently. So, what sets us apart from the rest?

  • We care about your move and all of your belongings
  • We have professional movers that care
  • We have been in the business for over 6 years and still have a 5 star review
  • We respect our client’s time and will always strive to be on time
  • We are there to remove some stress from your move
  • We guarantee your move with our accidental damage insurance, but hope we never have to use it
  • We move residentially, commercially, and even long distance
  • We provide a quality move at an affordable price
  • We have any day pick up and any day drop off flexibility

How do we Move you?

We will come into your home right on time and begin preparing for your move.  We will ensure that we lay down protective materials to keep your carpet and flooring safe.  We will then carefully shrink wrap your delicate items and add blanket wrap to cushion those item in our truck.  Our crew is trained in the best way to wrap and protect all types of furniture and household items.  We are even well-versed in how to protect antiques and even pianos for a proper move.  Our team works seamlessly together to provide a hassle-free move as your local movers in NJ.  We have a customer service agent that will take your calls and be your point of contact throughout the entire move.  They will also be the associate responsible for your quote.  The local movers will then be the associates you meet at the moving site. They will start your move and also be the same crew that finishes your move.  We believe in a seamless, efficient move that works like a cog in a machine.

#1 We know what our customers want

Many other moving companies will cut corners with their packaging to save money, but these cuts may actually end up causing damage to your items. There even are some moving companies will hire cut-rate movers with very little experience or skills to save money.

Being a company of qualified New Jersey movers since 2012 has allowed us to collect and learn from thousands of customer reviews.

Actually, we believe that New Jersey moving companies reviews say a lot not only about the quality of their services but also about the customers' level of satisfaction.

Therefore, every single improvement in our business over the past 6 years has stemmed from customer reviews we have received, therefore, allowing us to be if not the best New Jersey movers, then one of the best moving companies NJ!

#2 There is a reason why our clients like to call us “the safe movers”

We understand how important your private things are for you. Which is exactly why all of our New Jersey movers and packers are qualified and look after your belongings as they were their own.

Each and every one of our safe movers that will be safely packing and transporting your goods has been trained to follow the best and safest practices for packaging, transporting, and storing your goods.

Therefore, whether you are looking to transport your most precious goods or simple household items, you can be rest assured that none of them will be damaged.

#3 No hidden costs

You have to agree: there is nothing less pleasant than receiving an invoice in the end with a price double the one you had in mind before accepting your relocation services. In addition, it even becomes worse while you’re moving due to increased pressure on your budget. But, rest assured, we know what you’re going through, which is why we always we offer our clients an affordable rate which not only will give you a relief but also be sure that you will not be charged once again with an extra fee you did not expect to arise.

Not only we strive to offer the most reliable and safest relocation services, but we also strive to be as open and affordable movers in New Jersey as possible.

Which is exactly why our customers will never have a buyers remorse due to being charged some hidden costs that were left out before the moving services took place.

And more:

  • Care about your move and all of your belongings
  • Professional movers for your peace of mind
  • Experience in moving services NJ for over 6 years
  • Nothing above our client’s time: always striving to be on time
  • Your move will be guaranteed with our accidental damage insurance, but we hope you'll never have to use it.
  • Get help with moving residentially, commercially, and even internationally
  • High quality move at an affordable price
  • Any day pick up and any day drop off flexibility

We will help you with the most complicated moving task

Moving to a new place usually comes with an excitement, however, it can also give us a significant headache.

Taking into account the amount and the size of the items you need to transport, it almost is never a good idea to do it yourself. Stress, constant worrying, lack of time are just some of the things that can turn your whole relocation into a nightmare.

Let our professional jersey city movers help and do it for you! Not only we will help you to transport your precious goods, but also to pack, unpack, and even store them.

Whether you require a team of commercial movers new jersey, international movers new jersey, or simply a help with your personal goods you need to transport when changing your house or apartments, we got you covered!

Let us be your reliable and best new jersey movers, allowing us to completely take away all your headaches that are related to the transporting process.

Moving privacy

Many people are concerned about their privacy when moving from a place to another. Sometimes, the goods and items you need to transport are very delicate and not something for the whole world to peek at. It’s even more important when you are transporting some very valuable goods to your family or yourself that carry a huge value.

We completely understand this, which is why all of our movers are taught and experienced to not only move your items safely but to also ensure that your privacy remains unscathed. The whole process of our relocation services, your packing and transporting will be done by just one team which means that you will not encounter countless people running in & out of your house during your relocation process.

Secure storage

We all know that sometimes when you are changing the place you live, you need to start packing your goods from one place before you even can transport to your destination location. In this case, you might require an assistance with storage of your goods while you are in the middle of your relocation.

This is exactly why we are also offering you the chance to store your goods with us. We pride ourselves for being one of the safest New Jersey moving and storage companies by keeping our clients' goods stored safely, providing a piece of mind during this hectic process.

24/7 security, very friendly pricing and year around availability are just some of the perks of storing your goods with us. Therefore, if you're looking for New Jersey moving and storage services, we will be pleased to assist you with your demands!

24/7 moving services

We all know how immediately and quickly we rarely must relocate our goods to a different place. At NJ Prosafe Movers, we completely understand this, which is why we are offering 24/7 moving services, allowing you to be sure that you can get your goods packed and delivered at any moment, even during nights!

Our experienced and safe movers are always on standby, which is why we can offer you immediate help with your relocation needs. Simply, get in touch with as any time when you require a help with relocating your goods, and we will

How do we help you to move?

Moving from a place to another, be it changing apartments, offices, is something all of us encounter during our life. Nevertheless, there's always our first time moving.

So, how do our moving services work and take place?

To begin, we will arrive to your designated place right on time and begin preparing for your move:  

  • Laying down protective materials to keep your carpet and flooring safe.
  • Carefully shrink wrapping your delicate items and add a blanket wrap to keep your items secure and safe during the transportation.

Then, the same crew that helped you pack will drive your belongings to your designated place and unpack all of your items in your new place. Actually, you will not even notice that you have changed your place!

No need to worry about the safety of your precious items

Our crew is specifically trained to carefully wrap and protect all types of furniture and household items without damaging them. In addition, our team is experienced in carefully packaging and transporting various delicate items, such as antiques and even pianos.

The same applies to your apartment/ house or storage facility. The floor, surrounding objects will be carefully taken into account during the move and secured properly. Our moving services included building & floor protection to not damage any of your property while timely and safely packing, transporting, and delivering your goods.

Your own moving agent and team for all of your relocation needs

During your move,  you'll have your own customer service agent that will take your calls and be your point of contact throughout the entire moving process. You will also have your own designated movers which will then be the associates you meet at your moving site.

Having your own customer service agent will allow you to stay updated at all times throughout your moving process, starting from the planning stage and selecting preferable dates and times for pick up, but also during the transporting and unpackaging of your goods.

I want to control everything - is this possible?

Yes, we even encourage you to do so. As New Jersey movers, we allow our clients to always stay on top of the progress related to their relocation process, starting from the initial process, packing, to transporting, storing, and delivering your goods.

At the start of the good relocation, you will have your own designated supervisor, that will overlook the whole process and inform you about the progress of your relocation. He will be available for your calls at all times, giving you the opportunity to call and inquire.

Before we start our moving services, you will be able to set specific days and times when you would like us to perform relocation services for you. This way, if you want to be home and control all the packaging process, you can do so.

Lastly, there will be a team of safe movers solely delegated for your moving services, which means that you will know each and every one of them by name and face, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Being accessible and affordable movers New Jersey

At the moment of changing the location where you live can be very stressful, especially in terms of costs. This is exactly the reason why we always strive to offer our clients affordable moving services NJ that not only are available on a short notice but also very cost-effective and accessible to budget-restricted individuals.

Starting from packaging and transporting, to storage and the final delivery to your destination, we have successfully managed to set up our processes in a cost-effective manner, allowing us to provide our clients a very customer-friendly pricing. You can easily say that the best New Jersey movers tariff will be found with NJ Prosafe Movers.

Therefore, if you are restricted in terms of your budget, yet want to receive a safe and on-time delivery, then NJ Prosafe Movers is for you! We don't like the word “cheap”, however, our prices clearly indicate that we are very affordable “New Jersey cheap movers”!

We also move your goods internationally

Being client oriented, we truly understand that not only you could potentially require help from central New Jersey movers, but also rarely there is a need for transporting your goods internationally.

If you require moving services to deliver your goods to Europe, Asia, South America, or any other region, our team of licensed movers will be more than pleased to also help with relocating your goods internationally. Starting from helping you to deal with new jersey tax moving expenses internationally, to organizing the transport to overseas, we got you covered.

Do you need a truck rental for moving your goods?

At some point in our lives, we need to relocate some of our precious things. However, moving your goods from point A to B sometimes creates a need for a bigger moving trailer than cars we are used driving daily.

Therefore, if you are planning to change your housing location or simply require an assistance with transporting your goods locally, be it central New Jersey or a different state, we can offer you new jersey moving truck rental, together with our team of certified and safe movers.

NJ Prosafe Movers are here to assist and provide moving services NJ, so you don't need to worry how to relocate your goods: let experts at NJ Prosafe Movers do it for you!

What our customers have to say about our moving services

Having so many moving services providers in NJ, the biggest difference between them are the new jersey transport moving reviews. Therefore, there is no denying that our customers' reviews are one of the best ways to find out the quality of relocation services we can offer you. Please see what our clients have to say about us below!



We double wrap all furniture on all long distance and storage moves. We protect lamps, mattresses, TVs and other pieces of furniture at no extra charge - all included in your flat rate price.