When on the search for moving services, it is imperative that you determine the best company for your relocation needs. You usually get what you pay for when it comes to moving. If you are wanting a company that cares and insures your household from any damage then NJ Prosafe Movers are a great option. If performing a routine search for moving services near me, you should come across our moving company and our 5 star Yelp review with actual customer reviews. We tend to keep our customers satisfied and our reviews speak for themselves. Check us out and see why we are the company for all of your moving needs. What NJ Prosafe Movers Provide Our customers are the focus of our business. If we keep our customers satisfied, they will continue to use our business and spread the word to family and friends. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising possible. At our company we:
  • Work fast and efficiently to save you time
  • Wrap and protect your items and cushion between items in our trucks
  • Are always on time and try to work ahead of schedule
  • Start and finish all of our moving projects as a team
  • Don’t stop until the job is complete
  • Promise to do our best to fulfill all of your requests
  • Provide specialty piano moving services and antique transport, along with movement of priceless works of art
How our Process Works We begin our process by providing a quote for your relocation services, whether they be residential, commercial, local, or long distance. We will then determine if you require packing services as well as the move. We can also store items that may not be ready for their new home. Once the logistics are in place, we will set the move date and get our staff ready for the move. We have been around the local area for over 6 years and we are ready to become your choice for local or long distance moves in the New Jersey area. Our staff is dedicated to quality and efficiency and will not stop until the job is completed to your satisfaction. Tips for your Move When preparing for your move it is a good idea to take some tips from the pros so things progress smoothly.
  • Start your packing process early and begin with the rooms and areas you won’t be needing prior to the move. Every little box packed will make a difference in the end.
  • Consider the packing process combined with the donation process. Do some sorting of items that will make the move and package the items that won’t in a donation box.
  • Have a packing party with friends and provide them with a free meal to spend some time with friends and to get some packing done in a fun atmosphere.
  • Keep a separate cleaning kit available for the old residence to clean up after the move and bring that kit to the new residence to spruce things up before the unpacking process begins.
  • Use what you already have to provide packaging and cushioning, like clothes and linens that can double as packing materials. You can also use furniture drawers to store loose items.
  • Label your boxes by room and consider color coding to help the movers when they are unloading, which ensures everything is unloaded exactly where you want it.
  • Consider taking important paperwork and precious mementos with you on your person to prevent any sort of loss or destruction of an irreplaceable item in your life.
New Jersey Movers

Movers in the New Jersey area realize the difference in their moves compared to those in the suburbs. The move often deals with heavy traffic in Newark or the bridges all around the Hudson. We move high rises and we move densely populated areas and realize the challenge of these areas. The New Jersey area is near and dear to the hearts of our local moving company. We enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and we know how to package and deliver your goods in the most efficient way possible.

To obtain a quote from us, please fill out our website form or call us at +1 (201) 351-4777. We will discuss the details of your move and determine what aspects of our moving services you require. We can do anything from packing to moving to storing your household items. We are your one stop shop for moving down the street or across the nation. Just a quick call or website inquiry will allow us to showcase all we can do at the affordable price you desire.