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Searching for a commercial moving company can be a challenge in a city like New Jersey. The densely populated cities in this state call for movers that know what they are doing. Being able to traverse in a high rise area is extremely important. Knowing the back roads to avoid traffic can also save time. Hiring commercial movers locally will also keep the funds in the community and not out of state to National movers. Our local company hires and trains its staff extensively in the moving world to ensure that we are doing the best job possible in a quick and efficient manner.

Why Choose Us

NJ ProSafe Movers takes the time to assess the move and determine the best way to get your items from one location to another. What we do above and beyond the other movers for commercial relocation:

  • Our company will provide a quote to you based on needs and the quote will never have hidden fees
  • We have a special customer service rep that will be with you throughout the entire process and be your point of contact
  • We have quality movers that will show up at your business and assess the move situation and determine the best way to get the items stacked into the vehicle.
  • We have been around for 6 years and we still have a 5 star rating on Yelp, which has great reviews from our customers.
  • We shrink wrap and cushion furniture to prevent any scratches or dings in your belongings
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to take possession of your property an ensure your items get to their new location unharmed

Moving Tips for Businesses

When preparing to move a business by commercial movers in NJ there are a few tips we recommend to make the move go smoothly:

  • Your employees are the heart of your business, so it is necessary to give them plenty of notice to prepare for the move and help with their individual spaces
  • If you have a business with a lot of foot traffic, it is a good idea to start letting them know of the impending move with a start date at the new location
  • Have a company checklist and deadlines for employees to be aware of during the move to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Get electronics ready for the move with a plastic baggie taped to the side with all important cords and accessories
  • Downsize and have a donation box ready for items that are not going to make the move
  • Update all of your online listings and location information to ensure that customers know where to go to continue business with you after the move
  • Have a receipt box to keep all important receipts and expenses during the move, so you don’t lose reimbursement or tax documents
  • Choose the right movers that know the area and that are familiar with the neighborhoods

NJ ProSafe Movers Process

We like you to know how we operate, so you know what to expect. We will start with a quote by our customer service agent to see what you need from us. We will then build a package that is customized to your needs and set a move date. We will ensure that we have movers scheduled for that day that can stay with you from the beginning of the move until the end. Our customer service rep with be in contact throughout the move to provide any updates on the move. We will only leave the job when our customer is satisfied and everything has been moved into the new building and in the exact rooms requested, which is why we recommend labeling or color coding to help with the unloading process. Once everything is complete we will bill you and let you get on with your settling in at your new business location.

You can always give us a call at +1 (201) 351-4777 or fill out our website form and let us know what you are looking for in a move. We have the abilities to provide full-service moving where we do the packing and the moving and even storage if necessary. We also can provide packing supplies if you want to do it yourself. Another option is to just call us in to move and leave the packing to you. Whatever you may need, please consider us and obtain a quote to realize it may be worth it to let the professionals help. Also, it frees up more time for you to run your business behind the scenes.