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You may have a lot of selections when it comes to furniture movers in the New Jersey area, but only one moving company really makes sense. NJ ProSafe Movers is a company with ties to the community. We are local and we like to keep our business local to give where we live. Our local movers understand the area of New Jersey and are familiar with the densely populated areas and high rises. National movers from out of state may not be as familiar with how to maneuver in small spaces and elevators for those who reside in high rise buildings in busy cities like Newark, Jersey City, and Hoboken. They also know how to avoid major traffic jams in the city.

How we Operate

We are a full-service moving company in New Jersey that has local movers that know the area. We work with a customer service member and a moving team. All of us work in concert to provide a quality move that is highly efficient due to our communication amongst staff. We will also ensure the customer receives updates throughout the move to remove any stress or confusion. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to handle an entire household. We can even move valuable works of art and sensitive equipment like pianos. Our staff prides itself on word of mouth referrals and its repeat customers. We are one of the best in the area and that is because we care about our customers and getting the move completed on time and without incident. Consider NJ ProSafe Movers for your up and coming move in New Jersey.

Some Facts About Us

Our local furniture movers are trained to the highest abilities, so they can move virtually anything, anywhere. We have extensive training that prepares our movers for the road ahead, with all of the curves that they may encounter.

  • We have been in the Jersey area for 6 years and still have a perfect 5 star review on Yelp
  • Our customers refer us, which is the best form of advertising
  • Our staff works well together to provide you with a seamless move
  • We are highly efficient and hope to impress you with the timing on your move
  • We will not stop until the job is complete and to your satisfaction
  • We are trained in specialty moves like pianos, antiques, and fine works of art
  • We never have hidden fees, unlike other furniture moving companies
  • We can load up furniture for removal and haul it away permanently
  • We can even store your household goods until you are ready for your new residence move

Moving Etiquette

We have been furniture movers in NJ for a while and have encountered a few tips we would love to pass on.

  • Walk away and let them do their job, because you have hired professionals and they know what they are doing and don’t need any micromanaging
  • If you choose to pack your items yourself, have everything ready when the movers get there so they can load everything up and get your move started
  • Hold onto valuables, as we don’t want you to lose them or have accusations that one of the movers may have taken something
  • Every box should be labeled with its final destination and color-coding makes that process even easier
  • Make sure the movers have a place to park their truck with easy access, especially if it is a congested city and parking may be scarce
  • Large boxes should not have heavy items, make sure lighter items go in your large boxes
  • Leave the movers alone, but don’t leave the premises in case they need you for questions or concerns
  • Consider snacks and drinks to keep your movers happy and energized to complete the move on time with high efficiency
  • Select movers who provide written quotes that guarantee the quote will not change or have an addition of hidden fees at the end

Calling us for a moving quote can be the best decision you will make in your move. We can be reached at +1 (201) 351- 4777 and we also have a website form that you can fill out as well. We will provide a quote that encompasses all of the needs for your move. We can do as little or as much as you require during the move process, from packing with our supplies to just moving a piano. Whatever you need, we can deliver. Our customer service reps are ready to help you with an affordable move that will get you in your new residence without any hassles or hidden fees.