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Local Movers should be the choice when considering an up and coming move, regardless if it is across the street or cross-country. When selecting National movers, they may not be familiar with the area and they will not keep resources in the community. Hiring local means they can put money back into the community where you are living. When living in New Jersey, it is imperative that your movers are familiar with the high rise areas and that they know how to maneuver around Hudson River. Hire local movers.

NJ ProSafe Movers Philosophy

When we move our customers, we want to minimize stress and we want them to come back the next time they or their family/friends need a move. Our Yelp review is 5 stars, which means our customers truly respect us as their movers. This is how we achieve this as one of New Jersey’s local moving companies:

  • We treat our customers like family and we don’t play games
  • We have no hidden fees, so the quote you get is the quote you will pay
  • We have many options and break down in prices depending on the services you require
  • We are local and know the area and the fastest routes to get where we need to go
  • We have been in the area for 6 years
  • We can pack, move, and store all of your household items for you
  • We specialize in moves of antiques or even pianos

Why Choose Us

We are a local moving company in Jersey City that can move you wherever you need to go. Our customer service agent will start the process with a quote to determine your needs and wants during the move process. We can even calculate how much for a move only or an addition of packing with the move. You determine what your time is worth. We then dispatch a team of highly qualified movers to help on moving day. They will start the packing process and not leave until the job is complete at your new residence. We will not leave until you are satisfied with every aspect of your move.

Moving Mistakes to Avoid

When moving, there are many things you should do and many things you should avoid. Here are a list of things to avoid on your next move:

  • Not Researching Movers - Research your movers and find out before you commit to a contract. Check their reviews on Yelp, which can show what other customers think.  You can also check the Better Business Bureau and even the Department of Transportation.  They will have any incidents that may have occurred with the company.
  • Self-Moving Without Checking Options – Everyone thinks they can move cheaper by themselves than with hiring someone. This is not always the case and sometimes your time is more precious than a little more money.  Personal moves can be a liability and can cause damage to property that may be more expensive in the long run.
  • Organizing a Move without a Checklist – Having a checklist is a way to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Make sure you have utilities to turn off and on at the new residence.  Checking off tasks will make you feel as if you have accomplished things and this will reduce the stress involving the move.
  • Packing without a Plan – Packing is the most time-consuming part of a move. Packing way in advance is the best way to get the job done over time and to be ready for moving day.
  • Paying for Moving Boxes – Make sure to ask friends and neighbors for boxes or check with local businesses that are usually very happy to unload some cardboard boxes. Liquor stores have some great sturdy boxes and they are free.
  • Ignoring Moving Day Safety – Forgetting to bend with your knees and to take care of yourself can be a problem during moving day.  Keeping clear paths during the move can help from obstacles getting in your way.  It is also important to keep small pets and children away during the move to prevent injuries.

If you call one of our customer service specialists at +1 (201) 351 - 4777 or fill out our website form, we can get you a customized quote that gives you all you need and nothing extra that you don’t require. We can pack your home for you and provide the packaging supplies. We can also store some of your items if your new residence is not ready for them. There are also options where we just come and move your items and help you get on with your day.