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Finding a company that is willing to make the move across the country and do it for a fair price can be a tricky choice. There are several ways to do your research including Yelp reviews, where NJ ProSafe Movers has a 5 star rating. You can also check the Department of Transportation website to see what they think about the moving companies in your area. There are also local websites that you can check reviews on the best long distance movers. These reviews from previous customers can help you to make an informed decision for long distance moving companies near me. When you are new to an area, these reviews and websites can provide all the information you need to select the movers to entrust with your home.

What We Do For You

We are one of New Jersey’s best long distance moving companies. Our company deals with moves of all shapes and sizes. We can provide packaging for the move, we can help pack, we can move, and we can even store items for you if necessary. Our staff works together with a customer service agent who is the point of contact and the movers themselves. We care about customer retention and we will work hard to ensure that we get you to come back the next time you have a move. Our employees are extensively trained in the field of packing and moving and they are ready and willing to go the miles to get you in your new home.

Who We Are

We are local movers that can take you across the street or across the nation. Our team is highly trained and well-versed in the best way to package and protect your household goods. We are many things, including:

  • A Team that works well together and accomplishes goals on time with efficiency
  • A History of 6 years as a company in the New Jersey area
  • A 5 star Yelp rating with raving reviews from our customers
  • Movers that do short and long distance moves in an efficient manner
  • Movers that provide wrapping, packaging, and even storage to get the job done
  • A company that in insured, licensed, and bonded
  • Movers that truly care and want to get the job done right and on time

Moving Tips for Long Distance

There are many tips and things to consider for a long distance move:

  • Plan ahead for your long distance moves, especially in the summer months when moving companies are booked up quickly and you may have to settle for a subpar company
  • Downsizing is a great idea before a long distance move, since the move is based on weight and you will want to shed any excess pounds
  • Get your donation boxes out and start the process of separating the keepers from the donation items that do not need to make the move
  • Map out your furniture plans, especially if your new home will be of a smaller size to determine if certain items should be donated that may not fit in your new home
  • Label boxes based on rooms in your new home to ensure that everything will be placed in the room that matches up with the label
  • Read the fine print to see what is covered during your move and what your items are worth if something should go awry
  • Move in the off-season if possible to save money from the busy season congestion moving at higher rates
  • Find the best route for the movers to take during your adventure to a new locale.
  • Don’t forget that moving is tax deductible if it is for work reasons, so save your receipts
  • Make sure to get acquainted with your new area and learn all the best spots to eat and shop

When considering long distance movers please call us at NJ ProSafe Movers +1 (201) 351-4777 or fill out our website form and let us know what you require for your move across the nation. We can customize the move to ensure we provide all you need for the long haul. Our customer service agent can gather all the details and determine the quote for your exact needs. Our quote will never have any hidden fees and you will always get what you pay for. We build based on your preferences and we will never sell services you don’t need. Our quotes are extensive and if we make an error in judgement, we will still honor our quote as promised. Our promise is to our customers and we strive to keep customers and their families for life.