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Finding regular movers to move your household goods can be a challenge, but finding piano movers can be even more difficult.  Specialty movers can be hard to find and even more, they can be expensive.  Selecting a moving company that is full-service is the best of both worlds, because they can move your home and your specialty items like pianos and fine art for a reasonable price.   NJ ProSafe Movers is a company with integrity and years of experience.  Our business thrives due to customers and their word of mouth.  We work hard to obtain positive reviews and recommendations, so that friends and family will be our repeat customers.  We will never leave a job incomplete.

What we can do for you

Our moving company is highly qualified in moving your entire home.  We can move your house and all the high end things that come with that home.  Here are some of our qualifications:

  • Been in business in New Jersey for 6 years
  • Have a 5 star rating on Yelp, where our customers leave positive reviews about our services
  • We can package, cushion, move and store your entire home in an efficient manner
  • We are licensed, insured and bonded to carry your home across the nation or across the street
  • Our staff is committed to excellence and spends many hours of training learning to get the job done perfectly and on time
  • We can move specialty items and be your piano moving service along with fine art and antiques
  • We are locals that know the area and know how to maneuver in a congested area like Jersey City, Guttenberg, and Union City
  • We understand high rises and how to best move a household out and into residences that may be 20 stories high

Piano Moving Service Tips

Pianos are a unique moving item and something that should be handled by professionals.  When you search for piano movers near me, you should be directed to NJ ProSafe Movers.  There are some tricks we have learned over the years when transporting a piano:

  • Remember pianos are top heavy, so learning to distribute the weight and keep it balanced during the move can be the key to having a piano survive a move and having one that doesn’t
  • At least four people should be involved in a piano move, two for lifting and two for guiding to avoid scratching of the piano and/or the walls
  • Piano moving requires heavy duty furniture straps, used for safer and easier lifting and carrying
  • Do not used the metal casters to roll the piano, as they are not designed to hold the weight like a dolly could handle
  • Taking the piano legs/casters off and moving them separately is the best way to move the piano
  • Pianos should be moved into the moving truck first, because it is the most stable position and it should be secured and cushioned by other moving boxes
  • Last step is to make sure you have a wonderful location to place the piano and a path to make it there after all the other boxes have been unloaded

Our company can help you with moving of a piano and even with piano removal in NJ.  We pride ourselves in moving your grand piano, upright, or antique across the street or even across the nation.  The training we have given to our moving specialists will allow for the piano to be moved in a fluid motion, regardless of the floors it may travel.  This movement will be balanced and will not allow for any damage to occur to the delicate internal structure of the piano.  The technique of moving a piano should be handled by professionals and not attempted by amateurs that may cause more damage than good.  The piano moving cost is not worth the price you will have to pay if the piano is damaged by moving it yourself.  Leave it to the professionals, who can move your piano at a reasonable price.

Feel free to call us at +1 (201) 351- 4777 to obtain a quote for your piano moving cost.  We can move your household along with your piano and we can provide all of the packing supplies and even storage if necessary.  You can also fill out our website form to have us contact you with an online quote.  The quote can include the packing and moving or it can just be for a simple move.  We can provide local moves or cross country moves, depending on your needs.  Either way, we are here and ready to be your professional piano movers in the New Jersey area.