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When searching for residential movers, NJ ProSafe Movers is a company that will perform the move with care and efficiency. Our team of moving experts are highly trained in the art of moving your belongings without damage. We practice a technique of shrink wrapping, cushioning, and strategic stacking in the truck. We pride ourselves in getting your household moved efficiently and in one piece. We want you to come back to us for another move and to recommend your friends and family. Our service team will stay in constant contact during the move to ensure you know what is going on during all aspects of the move process.

Residential Moving Companies

There are many moving companies out there, so what sets us apart from the rest? We have a few reasons why:

  • We are a trusted moving company in the New Jersey area and have been for 6 years
  • We take the time to package your belongings right with shrink wrap and cushioning
  • We are a 5 star rated company according to Yelp and our customers
  • When you search residential moving companies near me, we will come up as a top choice for a reason
  • We have a team of specialists that will see you through the beginning to the end of your move
  • Our moving specialists know how to traverse in the densely populated cities of New Jersey and the congested roadways
  • We can move you commercially or be your residential moving company
  • Our moves are efficient and affordable with dependable people

Residential Moving Tips

Moving your home is a little more complex than moving a business office. Deciding what mementos will make the move can be a challenge on its own. We have moved a few homes in the past years and have a few tips to help with your move and make it a success:

  • Label everything you are packing in boxes to ensure the movers are able to unload to the appropriate room in your new home
  • Over pack and cushion your belongings with bubble wrap and peanuts to ensure your fragile items make it to your new destination
  • Purge your household of items that don’t fit, that don’t work, and that are just not needed any longer
  • Keep a checklist to make sure your move is on track and that you are completing all tasks on time
  • Use your own belongings like clothes and linens to pack and cushion items
  • Complete a change of address form and make sure to shut off and set up utilities
  • Scope out the new area to find your new services like hair, dry cleaning, dentist, and medical

New Jersey Residential Movers

The New Jersey area is very complex with a ton of people packed into small areas. The major cities have high rises and very little parking. Having local movers to navigate the area and to know how to move household goods from high rise areas is a quality you would want in movers. Our team knows how to protect your home during the move and protect your new home from incoming movement of household goods. We will respect any of your homes that we enter and treat your items as our own during the move process. We will take care of all of the move or as little as you need. We are full-service movers that can come in with supplies and pack your belongings and take them on a move. We can also just show up for the move process with everything ready. We go cross country and we go down the road, you just need to give us the destination.

Types of Moves we Perform

We have a variety of moving services we provide including:

  • Residential neighborhood moves
  • Residential cross country moves
  • Commercial in town moves
  • Commercial cross country moves
  • Full-service moves with packing and materials included
  • Specialty moves including pianos, art, and antiques
  • Moves for small and large homes

We would love to talk with you and determine what your exact moving needs are for your newest New Jersey residential movers. We can be reached at +1 (201) 351- 4777 or fill out our website form and let us know what you require for your move. Our moving company is able to help with any job, small or large, near or far. We just need to know what aspects of the move you need and we will take care of them. Our quote will be exactly what you pay for with no hidden fees. We welcome your contact and we hope to be the residential movers you select for your new journey.